Tourism. Refund requests raise number of complaints by 342% from June to September

According to the estimates presented by the Portal da Queixa, a total of 2.457 complaints were registered in the Hotels, Travel and Tourism category at a time when the pandemic affects the main economic engine in Portugal.

The number of consumer complaints directed to the tourism sector skyrocketed 342% in the main four months of vacation (June to September), compared to the same period last year, with the main reason for complaint being the refund request which registered a total of 1.167 complaints, (in 2019, this amount was 264 complaints). This is an increase of 342%.

According to the estimates presented by Portal da Queixa, this Thursday, there were a total of 2.457 complaints in the Hotels, Travel and Tourism category at a time when the pandemic affects the main economic engine in Portugal.

As for the remaining subcategories, the online complaints platform reports that 1.189 complaints (or 48%) are directed to travel agencies and websites. The brands eDreams, Rumbo and Logitravel are leaders in the volume of complaints received, but with regard to the higher growth in the number of complaints compared to 2019, we highlight the Rumbo that saw complaints skyrocket by 1433%.

Regarding the satisfaction index, the company with the best performance in interacting with the consumer is Logitravel (62 out of 100).

As for airlines, they accumulated around 35% or 888 of complaints. The Complaint Portal informs that the main reasons for complaints are requests for reimbursement (50%) and arrears (9%). Among the three companies with the highest volume of complaints are TAP (318), Ryanair (278) and Easyjet (111).

With regard to the satisfaction index, the three most complained companies show a very low indicator, between 8 and 13 (out of 100).

As for stays (holiday clubs, guides and tours, hotels and hotel chains, motels, inns and rural tourism and accommodation booking sites), these accumulated more than 15% in complaints. The main reasons for complaints reported by consumers were: refund requests (38%), scams (12%) and poor conditions (8%).

In this subcategory, the top of the table belongs to Booking, with 130 complaints received between 1 June and 28 September 2020, an increase of 59% compared to 2019. In second place of the most complained entities is Airbnb (35 complaints), which, on the other hand, according to the Portal da Queixa, ranks first when analyzing the satisfaction index criterion (72.4 out of 100).

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