Lisbon Metro workers refuse increases proposed by the company

The 0,3% increase proposed by the company is in line with the increase approved by the Government for Public Administration workers compared to 2020.


Metropolitano de Lisboa workers rejected the 0,3% salary increases for 2020 proposed by the company, but are available "to end" this negotiation process, already thinking about the negotiations for 2021, a union source told Lusa.

In a plenary held this Wednesday, workers evaluated a counter proposal from the company regarding the collective bargaining agreement negotiations for this year, which have been successively postponed due to the pandemic.

The workers were presented with a proposal for an increase of 0,3% in the salary scale and the extension of the term for another year (until 2024) of the Company Agreement.

"The unanimous decision of the workers was to effectively accept the agreement regarding the extension of the effective year, a situation that we value, but we consider the salary increase of 0,3% for 2020 to be manifestly insufficient," Anabela Carvalheira, of the Workers' Union told Lusa. Road and Urban Transport of Portugal (STRUP), assigned to the Federation of Transport and Communications Unions (FECTRANS).

However, according to the representative, despite the formal refusal of the 0,3% increases, workers are available "to end this negotiation process, provided that the Board of Directors applies the 0,3% for management acts", in order to initiate “a claim proposal for 2021”.

"From here, meeting the deadlines of the collective bargaining agreement, deliver a new claim proposal from the end of this month, which will then be negotiated for [effective] from January 2021," he said, stressing that this year there were wage negotiations, successively postponed due to the pandemic.

The 0,3% increase proposed by the company is in line with the increase approved by the Government for Public Administration workers compared to 2020.

However, these values ​​were considered insufficient by workers, taking into account that “Metropolitano workers are also the guarantor of transport mobility in the city of Lisbon and the development of the economy, as well as workers who have always been in line with the ahead in this pandemic time, always guaranteeing public transport with the best possible quality ”, added Carvalheira.

As for the extension of the Company Agreement, this was also a demand of the unions, but in a plenary session held on October 9, the workers approved a two-year extension, with the objective of stabilizing industrial relations.

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