PremiumTraditional right may be preparing the end of Bolsonaro's era

Candidates supported by the president are having a hard time in the second round of municipal elections. But PT candidates too. Brazil seems to be changing.

The second round of the Brazilian municipal elections will take place only next Sunday, November 29, but the results of the first round (the 15th of this month) allow us to infer, according to most analysts, that the Bolsonaro era was about to end - or more properly, it will come to an end in 2022, the year of presidential elections. The fact that most of the candidates 'stuck' to the president failed to go beyond disappointing results, which probably imply heavy defeats next Sunday - namely in the main Brazilian cities, such as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Two factors seem to contribute to the separation between the president and the voters. From the outset, as the ambassador and political commentator Francisco Seixas da Costa points out in statements to the JE, “there seems to be a departure from part of the army in relation to Bolsonaro”, which will be due to the fact that he chose to overexposing some military personnel politically and having disengaged from them, as a result of the cabinet crises in which the president became involved from the first year of his service.

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PremiumRegional economy begins to see light at the end of the tunnel

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PremiumFiat 500 X Sport. The little crossover that is a big car

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PremiumFragmented red and white: Cima-Corgo granitic fragments

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