Infographics | Trump gains some ground in popular vote

The campaign enters the final stretch and the Republican gains ground, albeit slight, in the intentions of the popular vote for the presidential candidates. In the average of national polls, Trump is at 42,9%, or 8,9 percentage points behind Biden, compared to 9,5 points two days ago. In high school voting, all the same, with Biden leading with 232 votes, against Trump's 125, and 181 undefined.


Trump promises to continue fight to remove Biden from the White House despite having already recognized defeat

Donald Trump maintains his version of electoral fraud, despite not presenting any facts or evidence to support his claim.

Trump says he will leave the White House if Biden's victory is officially confirmed

This week, the United States General Services Administration found that Joe Biden is the "apparent winner" of the presidential election, 'paving the way' for the formal transition that was being blocked by the Trump administration.

US elections: US agency certifies Biden's victory and Trump gives instructions to start transition

The still President of the United States, Republican Donald Trump, “recommended” to his team and the country's General Services Administration to initiate protocols for the transition from the current administration to that of Joe Biden, with the president-elect being able to access federal funds.