Trump spent more than 30 euros on a disinformation campaign on Biden on Facebook

Donald Trump's campaign is trying to trick cybernauts into believing that on Tuesday night's debate Joe Biden wore a headset. Similar accusations have been made against Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush in the past.

The Donald Trump campaign is said to have invested around 34 euros in a Facebook campaign where it promoted unsubstantiated rumors that Joe Biden wore a headset during the first debate between US presidential candidates, Bloomberg said on Thursday, October 1. .

The ads that are circulating on the social network feature a photo of Joe Biden taken in 2019, which was changed to make it look like the Democratic candidate had a headset on during the debate on Tuesday night, September 29, and with the slogan "Why doesn't Joe want to commit to an inspection?"

Another piece of information to be passed on to cybernauts is that Joe Biden "begged for breaks during the debate" and that former vice president of Barack Obama refused to take the drug test. Biden's campaign rejected these claims in a statement to the BBC.

As of Wednesday night, there were at least 15 different versions of the ad and, according to the Facebook ad library, reached at least 10 million users.

According to the BBC, Facebook has committed to label publications that contain incorrect information about votes and to point users to accurate information before the election. However, its policy does not involve checking political speeches, including in advertisements and as such the company declined to comment on Trump's latest advertising campaign.

According to BBC journalist Marianna Spring, unfounded accusations that Biden was wearing a headset during the first face-to-face meeting between presidential candidates began to circulate on social media before the conversation between opponents began, in the form of memes . Spring says it is common for unfounded rumors to circulate about political candidates wearing headsets during debates. Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush have been similarly accused.

Trump also accused Biden of using drugs to improve performance, a charge that in 2016 was directed at Hillary Clinton. On Sunday, the Republican candidate shared on Twitter that he was demanding a drug test from his opponent. For his part, Joe Biden laughed when asked if he was going to take an exam that proved he did not use drugs. According to the Washington Post, presidents and presidential candidates are not subject to drug tests before the debates.

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