Turismo de Portugal launches international campaign to welcome 'Champions League'

This campaign, called 'Portugal. Champios Everywhere ', covers the entire competition period, until August 23, in digital media and social networks, representing an investment of around 150 thousand euros ”.

Turismo de Portugal (TP) has developed a promotional campaign to host the 'Champions League' football final stage, which will take place in Lisbon starting next week.

“The 'Best Destination in the World', and European Champion in title, prepares to receive the final phase of the Champions League and greets all participants through the 'Portugal campaign. Champions Everywhere '”, which is“ aimed at the markets of Spain, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Italy - countries that will have represented clubs (…) ”.

According to the statement, "this international campaign covers the entire period of the competition, until August 23, in digital media and social networks, representing an investment of around 150 thousand euros".

“The goal is to reaffirm Portugal as a country of champions using some of the graphic universe of football events and to invite supporters, the public and all those who wish to visit Portugal to reserve the best place to discover new spots, fall in love with ours landscapes and taste authentic flavors. Everyone can feel like a champion, enjoying the 'Best Destination in the World' and what it has to offer ”, said the statement.

Turismo de Portugal points out that “the dispute for the Champions League, the biggest world competition for football clubs, is the first major sporting event to take place in the Covid-19 era and an event that puts Portugal, once again, as a stage international sports car of choice ”.

"It is also an opportunity to show a prepared and united destination, which, as a true team and respecting differences, knows how to receive those who visit it like no other," the statement in question said.

According to those responsible for the TP, "it is no accident that the country has been chosen to host some of the most important international competitions and events".

“Portugal is currently in the 'Top 10' of the world destinations that most receives and organizes congresses and conventions, having risen one position since last year, and occupies the seventh place at European level, according to the report of the International Association of Congresses and Incentives (ICCA) for 2019 ”, underlines Turismo de Portugal.

According to this organization, “in addition to its equipment, infrastructure and sports skills, it is also one of the most important tourist destinations in the world with well-recognized attributes: a safe, active, charming, authentic and, above all, affable, reliable country and who likes to receive well ”.

"This is the moment to cherish all those who live football intensely and invite them to fall in love with Portugal so that they can, very soon, fulfill the desire to visit us", defends Turismo de Portugal.

Luís Araújo, president of Turismo de Portugal, welcomes the choice of the country to host the final phase of the Champions League and states that “in an exceptional year, marked by unprecedented conditions, the possibility of holding an event like this reinforces confidence and inspiration so that everyone can discover and enjoy Portugal, the 'Best Destination in the World' ”.

"To all participants and tourists who visit us in the coming days, be very welcome!", Wishes this person in charge.

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