Twitter and TikTok discuss possible “combination”

The social networks Twitter and TikTok had preliminary discussions with a view to an eventual "combination" between the two, according to a news report revealed on Saturday by the Wall Street Journal.

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From the information obtained by the newspaper it was not possible to conclude whether the negotiation would include an acquisition of TikTok, something that, at this stage, would be fraught with obstacles, taking into account the presidential decree of the White House that prevents the Chinese company that owns the social network of viral videos transactions with US companies.

Questioned by AFP, both companies declined to comment on the news.

The decree was signed by the President of the United States, Donald Trump, on Thursday, banning all transactions with the company ByteDance, within 45 days.

On Monday, Trump had accepted the possibility of an American group buying the TikTok, but before September 15, under penalty of banning the platform. Microsoft is in negotiations with ByteDance to negotiate a purchase.

However, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said, in an interview with Wired published on Saturday, that TikTok would be "a poisoned cup" for the company.

The US Senate also unanimously approved a bill on Thursday that prohibits the downloading and use of TikTok on any device issued by the Government to its officials or members of Congress.

"TikTok is a major security risk and has no place in government devices," wrote Republican Senator Josh Hawley's press service, co-author of the bill.

After passing through the Republican-controlled Senate, the bill will still have to be approved by the House of Representatives of the Democratic majority before Trump can enact it.

On Wednesday, the head of American diplomacy, Mike Pompeo, warned that the United States wanted to ban not only TikTok but also other Chinese applications considered a risk to national security.

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