USA: New claims for unemployment benefits stagnate at around 800 for the fifth week

The recovery in the North American labor market appears to be stagnating slightly, at a time when more than 11 million people continue to benefit from federal unemployment support.

United States | Getty Images

The number of new applications for unemployment support in the US in the week ending September 26 was 837, a decrease from the 873 recorded in the previous week, the data revealed Thursday by the US Department of Labor. .

Despite falling below the expectations of analysts, which stood at 850 thousand orders, the figures known today reveal a slight stagnation in the recovery of the North American labor market, as they give the fifth consecutive week in which the indicator is in the order of 800 thousand weekly orders.

Looking at the payment subsidies, whose data come out a week late in relation to those referring to new support requests, the situation appears slightly better, with a verified decrease that reached almost one million people. More specifically, less than 980 thousand citizens received unemployment benefits in the week that ended on September 19 than they had received the previous week, totaling 11,77 million supports currently in payment.


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