Wearing masks on the street? Measure should be “seriously” considered, Bastonário dos Médicos

After implementing the mandatory use of a mask on the streets of Madeira, Miguel Guimarães now defends that this possibility should be considered in Portugal, arguing that today is the best time.

President of the Portuguese Medical Association, Miguel Guimarães

The president of the Ordem dos Médicos defends that one should “think seriously” about the mandatory use of a mask in all public spaces, including on the streets, a measure already implemented in Madeira.

In an interview with Sic Notícias, this Friday, Miguel Guimarães recognizes that the measure is "controversial" but "courageous by the government of Madeira", recalling that many countries have already chosen to enforce the use of mandatory masks on the streets.

“I think we should think about this measure seriously. It is a controversial measure, courageous on the part of the government of Madeira, but it is a measure that other countries have already implemented ”, pointed out Miguel Guimarães, arguing that there are good conditions for the Government to go ahead with the strategy.

“We have schools closed; we are at a height of heat, with high ultraviolet radiation; and we have the most isolated people from each other, right now there are still a lot of people working at home, there is still some natural social isolation. ”

Therefore, he considers that it is necessary to “take advantage of this moment to implement all possible measures”, with the aim of controlling the spread of the disease and “preventing it from having a big impact in the winter”. "This is the time to think about these measures and implement them," he concluded.


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