Visits to the JE website soar in November, rising 33% to 5,8 million

The number of users of the Jornal Económico website increased 30% in November, compared to October, to a total of 2,7 million. Mobile accesses represented 79% of the total. Multimedia platform JE TV has more and more viewers. Thank you for your preference!

Visits to the Jornal Económico website increased 33% in November, compared to the previous month, to a total of 5,8 million, according to data from Google Analytics.

In the same month, the number of users grew by 30%, to 2,7 million, while users pageviews rose 29,6% to 9,1 million.

Accesses via mobile devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, represented 79% of the total, against 62% in the previous month. See the here the audiences of Jornal Económico online and JE TV since the beginning of the year.

JE TV programs have more and more viewers

JE TV, the multimedia area of ​​Jornal Económico has been growing in recent months and in November this trend was accentuated, with a total of 131 thousand views. JE's multimedia content is available on the website and on the newspaper's social networks. On Facebook, JE TV quadrupled the number of effective followers.

Premium digital edition of JE with an average of eight thousand readers per week

In turn, JE Leitor, a website that provides the digital version of the weekly edition of Jornal Económico, which is reserved for subscribers, registered an average of eight thousand readers per week. It should be remembered that, according to data from the Portuguese Association for Circulation and Circulation Control (APCT), digital subscriptions already represent more than half of the paid circulation of Jornal Económico. If digital subscriptions and sales are taken into account, Jornal Económico is the most widely published economy publication in Portugal, excluding supplements from generalist newspapers.

Jornal Económico appreciates the preference and trust of its readers, partners and advertisers, renewing its commitment to seek to serve them with free, independent and quality journalism.

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Jornal Económico website had 4,4 million visits in October

The online edition of Jornal Económico ended October with a total of 2,1 million users, 1% more than in the previous month. Multimedia platform JE TV reaches record with 127 thousand monthly views, in October.

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