Wall Street closes joint on second-half kick-off day

Although the Dow Jones ended the session on Wednesday with a fall of 0,30%, the technological Nasdaq was again the record holder. The S&P index also increased by 0,50%.

Brendan McDermid / Reuters

The New York Stock Exchange ended this Wednesday's session with no definite trend, on a day that marked the start of the second half of the year. The North American financial markets were driven by the good news about a vaccine against the SARS-CoV-2 virus that is being created by the pharmaceutical company Pfizer (+ 3,18%, for $ 33,74) and BioNTech.

Among the three main Wall Street indices, industrialist Dow Jones lost 0,30%, to 25.734,97 points, financial S&P 500 advanced 0,50%, to 3.115,90 points and technological Nasdaq added 0,95 %, to 10.154,63 points, making a new record at the close. Russel 2000 depreciated 1,08%, to 1.424,15 points.

Ramiro Loureiro, trader of Millennium bcp, he pointed out today that the logistics company FedEx showed good figures for the fourth quarter and good projections, which led its bonds to shoot 11,72%, to $ 156,66. "Beyond Meat [+ 5,62%, for $ 141,65] is also reacting well to the news that it will start selling its plant-based hamburgers in 50 Freshippo stores in Shanghai," said the analyst, in research.

Apple, which is expected to launch the new iPhone 5G this year, slid 0,22% to $ 364. “According to DigiTimes, iPhone 5G shipments in 2020 may be much weaker than expected. Sources say that shipments may reach only 15 to 20 million units in 2020. The previous estimate was 30 to 40 million units ”, says XTB.

In a market note, the stockbroker also highlighted the news in the “Wall Street Journal” about Uber, which says that the passenger transport company is in negotiations to buy the Postmates food delivery service, for 2,6 million dollars (2,3 billion euros). “That would be a clear sign that Uber is aiming for an expansion of its food delivery service. The measure may be particularly timely during the coronavirus pandemic ”, believe the analysts. Uber's securities fell 2,12% to $ 30,42.

At the macroeconomic level, the new employment data in the United States (payrolls). According to the latest ADP data, US companies created 2,37 million jobs in June, less than the 9 million jobs expected by the market.

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