Wall Street goes against European exchanges and opens in 'green'

The industrialist Dow Jones opened to increase 0,12% to 27,087 points, the financial S&P 500 rose 0,01% to 3,316 points while the technological Nasdaq follows the trend to increase 0,13% to 11,106 points.

Wall Street | Spencer Platt / Getty Images

Wall Street stock indexes started trading on Thursday, August 6, trading on positive ground, contrary to the sentiment of European stock exchanges.

The industrialist Dow Jones opens up 0,12% to 27,087 points, the financial S&P 500 rises 0,01% to 3,316 points while the technological Nasdaq follows the trend by valuing 0,13% to 11,106 points.

“Within the business community, I would like to highlight the positive reactions of Zynga, Viacomcbs and Bristol-Myers after reporting results. Roku and Western Digital, however, react negatively to the figures released, ”says Ramiro Loureiro, market analyst at Millennium investment banking.

Ramiro Loureiro points out that there are fewer applications for unemployment benefits in the United States, down from 1,3 million applications, as American analysts had predicted several weeks ago.

The analyst also points out that “the statements by China's top diplomat stating that the United States tried to start a new Cold War between the two largest economies in the world. The Chinese State Councilor and Minister of Foreign Affairs also said that relations between the two countries face the biggest challenge since the establishment of diplomatic ties, blaming the USA for this deterioration ”.


Wall Street can take it, but it has run out of steam throughout the day

The main indices on the other side of the Atlantic were rising, but at the end of the day they ended up giving way. Even so, analysts say, investors continue to trust new stimuli to the economy.

Sixth session in fall. Lisbon Stock Exchange penalized for losses from BCP and Galp

In a picture painted in red, EDP Renováveis ​​and Sonae stood out positively, both increasing by about 0,20%. In the remaining European markets, equally pessimistic, the M&A transactions of the Spanish banking stand out - this time, between Unicaja and Liberbank.

After Wednesday's sharp falls, Wall Street opens lower

Unemployment enrollments in the United States have increased in the past week, suggesting a slower recovery in the labor market due to restrictive measures to limit the spread of covid-19, the figures released today indicate.