Wall Street remains low in the last session of the week

The top three indices on the New York Stock Exchange fall after a mixed session start. Tesla's shares are up 5%, after revising upwards. The airline Delta, on the other hand, sees its shares drop 1,47%, after reaching a provisional agreement with the pilots union to reduce at least 220 licenses.


The New York Stock Exchange remains down in Friday's trading after a mixed start. Wall Street is 'incarnate' in what is the last session of a week marked by volatility.

Observing the performance of the New York squares, it is noted that the Dow Jones industrial index decreased 0,12%, to 27.869,79 points, while the financial S&P 500 fell 0,49%, to 3.340,50 points. The technological Nasdaq is the one that presents the most expressive breaks, falling 0,86%, to 10.816,17 points.

“Contradictory information regarding the timing of the arrival of the Covid-19 vaccine and the possibility of new fiscal stimulus in the United States are issues that mark the news. Note that today it is Quadruple Witching Day, day of simultaneous maturity of stock index futures, stock futures, index options and stock options ”, explains Ramiro Loureiro, analyst at Millennium bcp.

Bankinter analysts also explain that this day, when options and futures on stocks and indices expire, explains the volatility of North American markets. In addition, they contextualize that yesterday the technology “returned to be the center of attention, after two sessions in negative”. “Nasdaq's market capitalization surpassed that of Euro Stoxx 600 and this has revived the debate about valuations, and has stimulated sectoral rotation and trading“, They refer, regarding the index that opened today in 'green' but ended up losing gas.

In business terms, Tesla's shares are up 5,02% to $ 444, after having seen upward revisions in the week leading up to the important “Battery Day” event. The airline Delta sees its shares drop 1,47%, to $ 33,46, after having reached a provisional agreement with the pilots' union to reduce at least 220 licenses to 1.721.


Wall Street closes up thanks to economy and technology

The growth rate of the world's largest economy surprised investors. GDP growth and the results of Facebook, Alphabet, Amazon and Apple pulled the New York Stock Exchange which closed higher despite the new wave of the pandemic.

EDP ​​gives up the case against the State at CESE. Costs outweigh probability of success

The energy company also announced that it will ask Brussels to analyze compliance with the future of the Social Tariff financing mechanism. "EDP does not question the existence of the Social Tariff itself, with the purpose of which it agrees, but cannot, in view of the evolution of the respective regime, comply with the terms of financing".

EDP's profit falls 8% to 422 million euros in the nine months

The energy company pointed out that the loss in Portugal was 23 million euros, in a sequence of losses that began in 2018. At the group level, EBITDA - earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization - decreased 2% to 2.625 million euros