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Now see a live conversation with leaders in the financial advisory industry about the prospects for economic recovery and the challenges facing Portuguese companies.


Premium1,5 billion taxes fund Social Security

Extraordinary transfer of additional IMI and IRC portion compensate for drop in revenues and increase in social support.

João Leão eases criticism from companies: “Government is prepared to continue supporting job maintenance”

For the Minister of Finance, OE2021 "responds in a massive way to the needs of the economy, but also responds in a way that we know responsible and in the long term ensures sustainability of public finances and Social Security".

PremiumRogério Fernandes Ferreira: “There is no serious basis for ending gold visas, now”

Former Secretary of State for Tax Affairs considers that there is no scope for an increase in the tax burden on families, in OE2021, but admits that the Government launches new “fees and taxies”.