What is Covid hiding?

Covid arrived at the right moment for a Government that takes full advantage of it to frighten the population and thus, step by step, take over the institutions.

The blessed Covid virus could not have appeared to our government at a better time. It is an animal with curious peculiarities even. It is clearly religious - it appears in everything that is a Christian festival, from Easter to Christmas, passing, of course, on All Saints' Day ... It is a peaceful animal - it does not enjoy football, does not attend motor racing or go to bullfights. What bullfighting, he must think, this country is full and he is fed up.

We have also noticed that he is a guy who likes the night, after 20pm he starts to give him alcohol and tobacco.

It has economic power. He doesn't take public transport but goes to the snow. There are outbreaks in the most expensive private schools in the country, but not in public schools. There are luxury restaurants but not canteens.

Apparently, in communist and dictatorial countries it practically doesn't exist, in North Korea it didn't even enter!

It is a determined animal - in parties promoted by CGTP or PCP it does not enter, it does not bother nor apple who participates in them.

(As for me, who promoted a trip to the theater among four friends, it was a serious case to buy tickets "for a group").

Having made the diagnosis, what guidelines have been followed? Nobody perceives - coherence, does not exist. Example, it is not seen. Planning, it is unknown. Resource management, don't. Other diseases do not matter.

The Government disrespects the constitution, impedes the free movement of people, assumes an authoritarianism never seen and, icing on the cake, fuels an escalation of poverty that the country will hardly recover.

The SNS is not in danger of breaking with Covid. The NHS had been disrupted for a long time. And in the Centeno years, when investments were foreseen in the budget that were never made by something that became fashionable called captivations, it only got worse.

But when millions of euros come to Portugal, does anyone hear about a serious and robust investment plan for the NHS? No, we realize that the Lisbon-Porto high speed train is back in the news, Montijo airport is still valid and the bet on hydrogen is a guarantee. Otherwise, nothing is heard. Unless, of course, that a proposal in the Assembly to create a transparency and monitoring portal for European funds was unsuccessful, of course, that had some way there ...

According to Covid, thousands of people will die - from diseases that could be treated but that cannot be diagnosed - to starvation because they are no longer supported. Thousands of people with mental illness will languish. Many professionals will get sick. Exhausting doctors. Nurses and assistants, tired. Teachers, “I would like” to know what, when they have to talk for hours with a mask. The elderly will die, alone. Children will grow up without knowing how to play. Teenagers will grow up without knowing how to share. A society that was already selfish before Covid will die and will be hopelessly ill after Covid.

Meanwhile, Covid will have the broadest back in Portuguese economic history. The time has come for a government that takes full advantage of it to frighten the population and thus, step by step, take over the institutions. At the Attorney General's Office, Joana Marques Vidal was being uncomfortable, she jumped! Mário Centeno goes to Banco de Portugal - we have Novo Banco still moving and the Montepio dossier will arrive, which is good to have controlled.

And they know that Mário Centeno, as Finance Minister, chose the elements of the audit board whose mission is to evaluate the work of the Governor of Banco de Portugal - and also approved an increase in his remunerations. Wow, it is difficult to imagine it better when everyone, starting with him, knew (mos) that he would leave the Government for Banco de Portugal.

At the Court of Auditors, Vítor Caldeira was raising many questions. Jumped! Fight against corruption? Forget it! In fact, the organization Transparency and Integrity has already drawn attention to the void that is the proposal to combat corruption presented by the Government, which leaves out political functions, political financing, money laundering, illicit enrichment, incompatibilities and public procurement. In reality, all where there can and should be more corruption.

More recently, the president of the Public Finance Council (CFP), Nazaré da Costa Cabral, made public her concern about the forecasts included in the State Budget for 2021 which, she considers, “involve downside risks not negligible, namely, the uncertainty in around the pandemic that could lead to a higher than expected impact of some of the measures entered, but also that the impact of spending on TAP and Novo Banco is higher than expected ”. It smells like I might be the next to be "fired" ...

As I said months ago, the Atlantic has never been so narrow - here we are, Venezuela! There was a saying that said, "trust the virgin and don't run", I would say "trust the mask and don't impose yourself".

The author writes according to the old spelling.


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