What is national is good…, but what about the plan?

In a context of families returning to possible routines, jobs and teaching activities, in a huge collective effort to overcome them, statistics emerged for all activities in the Tourism sector in July

In a context of families returning to possible routines, jobs and teaching activities, in a huge collective effort to overcome them, statistics for all activities in the Tourism sector emerged in July. According to the INE, the decisive importance of domestic demand for our best corners, for our best services related to the tourist offer, was confirmed, which obviously does not change a dramatic scenario of the last semester that only now has allowed employers and workers to see a light at the end of the tunnel and maintain hope for the sustainability of many investments.

In July, in the whole tourist accommodation sector, the country recorded 1 million guests and 2,6 million overnight stays, corresponding, respectively, to falls of 64,0% and 68,1%, compared to the same period in the previous year. 2019, having thus recovered in relation to the falls recorded in June of 82,4% and 85,5%. Overnight stays spent by residents were less than 30,8%, while non-residents suffered a reduction of 84,5%, significant recoveries in relation to the month of June, whose falls were, respectively, 59,4% and 96,7 %.

These three mitigating data of the harmful effects caused by this pandemic crisis contributed by the three million Portuguese who, accustomed to spending holidays abroad, this time chose to experience the world-renowned quality of our tourism products and services, valuing family rest outside the country. large urban centers. For this reason, it is not surprising to find some data that confirm the growing capacity for quality response dispersed throughout the country, based on the innate attractiveness of district capitals, as centers of heritage and physical and human resources, but also decisively in transport infrastructure. , which, due to the enhanced accessibility, allow the traveler the best mobility between experiences, and from the very beginning, how many times of idyllic scenarios that remain forever in our memory, where we would like to return.

All of this that we all know but that we do not always value with the necessary consequences in terms of planning and judicious distribution of investment throughout the national territory, necessarily assessing the cost-benefit of most public spending and enhancing the capacity to promote the most vulnerable areas. regions, explains that in the first seven months of the year the regions that best mitigated the impact of the pandemic have been Alentejo, the Center and the North, with decreases of 46,2%, 58,9% and 61,5%.

It is these infrastructures, the road network, the rail network and which in the future may include a network of ecovia and cycle paths, requalifying and enhancing existing paths and structures, the immense Heritage and existing natural resources, often abandoned, devalued and mistreated, including by the very Central and local state, which can also make the difference of a Portugal with an even greater future in the tourist offer.

As we have admittedly demonstrated in the tourism sector, Portugal does well. It will therefore be decisive, as a country, at the most different levels of responsibility and decision-making, community, civic participation and obviously at the level of national, regional and local political decision-makers, which we can now all agree on or not on the Public Investment Plan and the desirable careful decentralization of them, presented this week by the Government, which is, remember, Portugal, all of us.

So may this plan, or rather, its future execution, also be.


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