What is the impact of OE2021 on Novo Banco

What is foreseen in the OE2021 for the Resolution Fund? What is the direct impact of the deficit? Maria Teixeira Alves, a journalist for Jornal Económico, answers these and other questions that have Novo Banco as a background.


Competition Court declares statute of limitations on BdP fines to former Montepio administrator

Tribunal da Concorrência declared the prescription of the infractions imputed by the supervisor to the former administrator of Montepio Rui Amaral, in a process that has already had its sentence overturned by the Tribunal da Relação and which is scheduled to start again this week.

Novo Banco launches financial aggregation service for businesses and companies

Novo Banco launched NBnetwork + to support companies' daily financial management. This service is integrated in the NBnetwork, the homebanking for business customers and companies, announces the bank in a statement.

EU Court of Justice confirms that ECB can keep confidential documents about BES

In the judgment, the Court dismisses the appeal of the Luxembourg company Espírito Santo Financial Group (one of the entities through which GES ensured control of BES) that requested the annulment of the ECB's decision of 31 August 2016, which refused partially access to certain documents related to BES decisions taken at supervisor meetings.