Madeira: Cafôfo guarantees that in the municipalities the PS will have a “wide representation” of women

The president of PS Madeira said that the fight for equality must continue “because there are still many inequalities”, including wages and access to places of power.

The president of PS Madeira, Paulo Cafôfo, assured that in municipal elections women will have “a wide representation”. The socialist was speaking during the inauguration of the new bodies of Socialist Women, which will be headed by Mafalda Gonçalves, where he took the opportunity to regret that the region in the regional elections is the only one not to comply with the law of parity.

“In the municipal elections next year, the PS will have on its lists a wide representation of women, not only because they should be there on merit, but because I believe they can make their contribution to projects that can make a difference in the lives of the populations of each of the municipalities. We will be committed and I know that I can count on these socialist women, but also with the women of the region, and with the changes that are necessary so that we can have a civilizational advance, so that Madeira can be a good example in this matter ”, said the president of PS Madeira.

Cafôfo expressed the pride that the PS has in the women it has and in its causes, and underlining that the work that the party has done in the area of ​​equal opportunity for both genders, has made the PS “be the party that has, in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, the first woman elected mayor, Célia Pessegueiro, in Ponta do Sol ”.

The socialist underlined that "it does not satisfy us", and stressed that the struggle for equality must continue "because there are still many inequalities".

Cafôfo stressed that efforts should be made to reverse situations such as the gender pay gap that perform the same functions and also in access to places of power, and that this change must be made through mentalities as well as in legislative terms.

The socialist criticized the PSD and the CDS-PP for not promoting these changes, “not because women need favors, but on merit”.

Mafalda Gonçalves, who was re-elected as president of socialist women, said that issues related to equality are society-wide. The socialist stressed that the transformation we want "is precisely to have a region with greater equality of opportunity for all, a more just and egalitarian region", noting that inequalities in wages and access to positions of power still persist.

Mafalda Gonçalves said that she hopes that in the municipal elections the law of parity will be fulfilled and that in teams that the PS will be the first and second place on the list will be occupied by people of different sex.

“Because the issues of equality are of the whole society, as they are the social engine and the transformation of the society that we want”, reinforced the socialist.

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