Zwypit promises to replace physical menus with a digital menu on customers' smartphones

The company aims to be the ideal platform for creating digital menus for participating restaurants, which are resuming their activity.

Zwypit is a new communication platform that has reached the national market, as a solution that allows the replacement of the physical menu with a digital menu. This can be accessed by the customer's smartphone through a link provided by the restaurant, thus ensuring the safety of employees and customers.

To this end, the user (in this case the restaurant) must create a set of slides, which will be shared with the customer via SMS, QR-Core, email, WhatsApp or social networks, so that the customer can access it through browser on your smartphone, avoiding installing additional software or applications. You will thus be able to provide all the information on the menu, such as wine list, special menus, reservations, partnerships, news and promotions.

This is a solution that meets one of the several measures necessary for the restoration to be able to progressively resume activity, so that the services are carried out in the safest way possible. The Zwypit platform anticipates its launch with an exclusive campaign to support restoration, one of the sectors most affected by the current pandemic, which can be consulted from the following link.

Zwypit's subscription plans include trial period, slides created and edited intuitively on the platform through various templates available exclusively for restoration, direct contact buttons and real-time analytics. Membership fees vary between € 7,50 / month for 1 restaurant and € 55 / month for up to 10 restaurants.


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