Opening of restaurants: Rui Rio accuses Eduardo Cabrita of being a “liar”

The PSD president's publication followed the statements of Eduardo Cabrita on the position of the Social Democratic Party regarding the

The president of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), Rui Rio, accused the Minister of Internal Administration, Eduardo Cabrita, of being a liar ”. At stake are the minister's statements about the Social Democratic leader defending the reopening of restaurants.

“After having been denied and being fully aware that what he says is not true, Eduardo Cabrita returns to attribute to me what I never said. The conclusion can only be one: Eduardo Cabrita is a liar ”, Rui Rio wrote on Twitter this Monday, January 18.

The PSD president's publication followed the statements of Eduardo Cabrita made after voting in advance for the presidential elections. In the excerpt, from SIC's play, shared by Rui Rio, MAI says that “it appears that the leader of the PSD defended that the restaurants should be open until 15:30 pm”.

After two hours waiting to vote, Eduardo Cabrita also stressed that “we are making a permanent reassessment, both of the evolution of the pandemic and of the measures that are necessary, in order to safeguard its adequacy and proportionality. I think that was also the meaning of the declaration by the President of the Republic, with which we are totally in agreement ”, according to the Lusa agency.

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"I have never seen so many deaths." PSD doctor and deputy reports desperate situation at Cascais Hospital

Ricardo Baptista Leite even stressed that "it is devastating to have to decide which patients are going to receive ventilation and who are not, to determine in depth who lives and who dies", emphasizing the lack of resources in that unit.

PSD: “Government cannot contribute to demobilizing voters” with weak organization to vote

The PSD vice president began by detailing how the party opposes the current confinement, speaking of inefficiency, inconsistency and slowness, and then alleging that the Government's lack of preparation shows a devaluation of the presidential elections and puts voters at risk exposure to the virus.

Local: IL will meet with Coins and wants PSD and CDS freed from “socialist habits”

The leader of the PSD, Rui Rio, this week announced the ex-European commissioner Carlos Moedas as a candidate for the Lisbon Chamber in the next municipalities, a “strong name”, according to the president of the CDS-PP, Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos, and who gathered “A solid consensus between the directions of the CDS and the PSD”.

Founders of Tendência Esperança e Movimento parade the CDS-PP

Abel Matos Santos and Luís Gagliardini Graça, who were founders of the CDS-PP's Hope in Movement Tendency, joined the party. Abel Matos Santos joined the current executive direction of Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos.

Independent mayors demand changes to electoral law by March 31

Mayors elected by independent movements today demanded that, until March 31, “the alteration of unconstitutionalities” be caused by the changes introduced in 2020, by the PS and PSD, in the municipal electoral law.