PremiumStocks and commodities at highs

The three main Wall Street indices record consecutive historical highs, reflecting Biden's new stimulus package and the recovery expectations reflected in the strong demand for raw materials.

US stock exchanges returned to historic highs this week, in the hope of an additional package of fiscal stimulus from the newly elected US administration that will take office on the 20th.

At the end of the year, a tax package of 900 billion dollars was approved to respond to the damage of the pandemic and to support the unemployment benefits that ended at the end of the year. Now, and according to President-elect Joe Biden's claims, a stimulus package proposal is expected to boost the economy during the pandemic, promote employment and mitigate economic damage that could exceed $ 1,5 trillion.

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PremiumImpairments of 841,2 million euros take 300 million from BCP's profit

BCP had profits of 183 million euros, 39,4% less than in 2019, thanks to provisions of 841,2 million euros in the Covid-19 context. Poland and Restructuring Funds impacted the accounts.

PremiumNational companies will have to make a greater effort to recover from the crisis

Speakers from the Observatory on “Economic Recovery after Covid-19” foresee a difficult recovery for Portugal due to the scant support and decapitalization of companies. But there are opportunities.

PremiumLeft Bloc questions New Bank on Eurobic

Blockers ask the Ministry of Finance about the operation and its impact.