Portuguese airports with 61% fewer flights in November 2020

This figure represents a year-on-year increase of 9,5 percentage points, compared to -51,9% in October and 11,2 pp compared to -50,2% in September. Number of passengers registered was 715 thousand, equivalent to 82,1% less.

In November 2020, 6.100 commercial flights landed at national airports, representing a negative year-on-year variation of 61,4%, which meant a year-on-year increase of 9,5 percentage points, compared to -51,9% in October and 11,2 pp compared to -50,2% in September, according to data from the transport activity revealed by the National Statistics Institute (INE) this Monday, January 18th.

In the month under analysis, 715 thousand passengers arrived between boardings, arrivals and direct transits, which represented a year-on-year change of -82,1% (-74,1% in October and -69,0% in September) . The movement of cargo and mail at national airports totaled 14,2 thousand tons, corresponding to a decrease of 27,2% (-28,1% in October and -29,8% in September).

Between January and November, 93,4 thousand commercial aircraft landed at Portuguese airports
(-55,9% compared to the same period of the previous year) and 17,4 million passengers were handled (-69,0%). Lisbon airport handled 50,3% of total passengers (8,7 million) and recorded a decrease of 69,8%.

Looking at the three airports with the highest passenger traffic, Faro airport showed the greatest decrease in the number of passengers handled between January and November 2020 (-75,4%). In this period, the United Kingdom was the second main country of origin and destination and showed the greatest reduction in the number of passengers disembarked and embarked compared to the same period (-75,7% and -74,9%, respectively).


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Postal services fall 12,4% but parcel traffic soars 20% in 2020

Total traffic of postal services fell 12,4% in 2020, a drop that "is associated with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic" and that was "more expressive" than the decrease seen in 2019 (-6,7%). The pandemic will have had “a direct, negative, 9,8% impact on total postal traffic”.