Ana Gomes calls for “national unity” to avoid disruption in health services

Presidential candidate Ana Gomes argued that “today is the day” to overcome “ideological differences” and mobilize in a “national unity effort” all available resources to avoid “disruption of basic health services”.

Cristina Bernardo

On the day that Portugal reached a new record of hospitalizations due to covid-19 and the Minister of Health admitted that the entire Health system, including the National Health Service (SNS), social and private sector and rear structures, is close to the limit, Ana Gomes again insisted on the need for a civil requisition.

"This is the day when more than ever we have to ask for ideological differences to be overcome, since there are those who explain the delay in requesting the installed capacity of the private sector and the social sector," said the PS activist and former socialist MEP, in the online conversation he promotes daily on his social networks, today on the theme “Portugal, a socially just country, for all generations”.

“This is the time for those who have the responsibility of the State, whether at the level of the Government or the Presidency of the Republic, to assume that we have to overcome ideological quarrels and we have to mobilize in an effort for national unity all the available resources so as not to allow the rupture of the basic health services ”, he appealed.

Ana Gomes also asked the Portuguese to be “more vigilant than ever and with the maximum sense of responsibility”, considering that all measures will be useless “if the Portuguese do not feel that it is their responsibility to protect themselves and others.”

In a conversation that also dealt with work topics, Ana Gomes criticized a model based on low wages and left a comment on the current President of the Republic and re-running for office, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

"We have often seen professional orders and business associations received in Belém and rarely have associations and union representatives received in the Palace of Belém", he said, considering that giving more force to social consultation "will only favor the negotiating strength of those who represent the overwhelming majority of workers ”.

One of the guests in today's online debate was the parliamentary leader of PAN (a party that supports Ana Gomes, alongside Livre), Inês Sousa Real, who called for the next tenant in Belém to be “an active voice” in justice issues and climate challenges and left a challenge for the presidential on 24 January.

“Social injustice is also manifested in our political rights and in these elections there is a challenge that has not been done and that is of the most elementary justice that it is: in the more than one hundred years of implantation of the Republic we have never had a woman elected as President of the Republic ”, he stressed.

For the deputy of the PAN, Ana Gomes is “a complete candidate, who presents herself as a democrat, progressive”, but she also represents a signal for “all the girls and women to whom they said they could not be represented in the highest positions in the nation” .

“On the next 24th, Ana Gomes calls us all, women and men, to fight for these ideals, but also to make history and correct a historical mistake of never having a woman President of the Republic”, she appealed.

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, Ana Gomes replaced the traditional rallies or clarification sessions with voters with online conversations, broadcast daily live on the candidate's social networks by 18:00 pm, with political figures and experts in the areas of the various commitments, one initiative entitled “Portugal is with you, Portugal is with us”.

On Monday, the theme will be “Justice, transparency and corruption” and will include, among the guests, the former Minister of Justice Vera Jardim.

For Thursday, Ana Gomes' campaign will also be pre-closed via social networks, with a virtual rally scheduled for “at least 2.000 people following the event”, according to the application.

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