“André Ventura is the president of the Portuguese for good”. Matteo Salvini expresses support for the Chega leader

The Italian politician known for being far-right, in his message, asks Portugal to “choose the President of the Republic well in the name of honesty”.

Ettore Ferrari / EPA via Lusa

Matteo Salvini, secretary general of the Northern Italy Party, considered André Ventura “the president of the Portuguese for good”, in a video sent to the presidential candidate this Friday, January 22.

The Italian politician known for being far-right, in his message, asks Portugal to “choose the President of the Republic well in the name of honesty, change, family, security, work and the future”.

"Here in Italy there is a crisis in the Government, we hope to send home the left that are doing harm to Italy and Europe," said Matteo Salvino, stressing that he hopes to meet soon André Ventura "and with the militants arriving in Portugal ”.

Matteo Salvini was scheduled to come to Portugal, so that he could show his support for André Ventura. However, on January 14, Ventura's advisory announced that "Salvini is not coming to the campaign due to the political crisis in Italy".

Unlike Salvini, French MEP Marine Le Pen was in Portugal supporting Ventura between 9 and 10 January. On the first day with the leader of Chega, Le Pen referred to the Portuguese presidential candidate as “a cry from the heart, a sign from heaven”.

The speech took place in a Lisbon hotel and the lack of distance, as well as the excess of people in a small room to host the event, motivated the departure of several journalists in protest, according to "Expresso".

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