Apple announces three new computers with chip dubbed "the fastest in the world"

Apple introduced the world's first chip made by the company, the Apple Silicon Chip Mac 1 (M1), which will already be available on three computers. The novelties relate precisely to the introduction of new hardware, which will enhance all the existing features.

During the 'one more thing' event, promoted by Apple this Tuesday, the company announced a new chip entirely produced by the company for its computers. During the presentation, it was confirmed that the new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and MacMini will have the new integrated technology, the Apple Silicon Chip M1.

The Apple Silicon Chip Mac 1 (M1) is the first chip to be produced with 5 nanometer technology. It contains the largest number of transistors that Apple has ever placed on a single chip: 16 billion. Apple said that the M1 "offers up to twice the performance of PC chips", and that the high-performance core "is the fastest in the world".

Add to that the performance by watts that, according to Apple “offers the best performance in the world”, using less energy but in a more efficient way. The improvements in the level of graphics performance are another novelty with the introduction of the M1 and, again, Apple claims to have “the fastest integrated graphics in the world”.

MacBook Air

It was the first computer to be announced that already has the integrated M1, does not have a cooling fan and the battery, according to Apple, lasts another six hours compared to the previous version. The size that characterizes it remains the same, and the big news is the new chip that will improve all the features of this computer. It will be available for ordering from November 12th, with deliveries arriving one week later with the day still to be confirmed. It will cost 999 dollars (845 euros).


The new fixed computer presented by Apple will be the first in the line to integrate the new M1 chip, where the company says it is "five times faster than the best-selling fixed computer on the market". In terms of performance, the difference to previous models is significant, with Apple saying that it is “15 times faster in machine learning”, which will be more evident in tasks such as photo editing or even programming. It will cost 699 dollars (591 euros).

MacBook Pro

The new Mac Book Pro, also equipped with the new M1 chip, offers complete performance. Its performance will be three times faster than its predecessor and will have the longest lasting battery (10 hours more than the previous version) ever introduced in an Apple laptop. It will cost 1.299 dollars (1.090 euros).

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