André Barata, Philosopher, University of Beira Interior

Pandemic governance: seeing mistakes and overcoming them

The Government's failure was not that of those who are unaware or do not know what we know. This makes populists, deniers or simply irresponsible. But it is a complementary flaw, and one that should have been avoided: not taking into account, even ignoring, what we do not know.

Dwelling in the pandemic and the idea of ​​home

Inequality becomes a more crude reality when confined in our homes so unequal. Are the conditions for work and study at home guaranteed to be required? This kind of uberization of our homes, by contingency decree, is felt very unevenly and requires a response of solidarity.

The city and the pandemic - the importance of making places

The “back to basics” that the new normal gives to everyday life means sacrificing what the city offers besides work and rest: cafes and cinemas, shows, arts, but also sports, cultural events in general. Not being vital for survival, they are essential for making places.

Abnormalization and startling of the right

The challenge facing all political forces at this time when the specter of anti-democratic populism looms everywhere is to reiterate the link to the constitutional arc. And without making the conquest of power a blind end that justifies all means.

Think and act against hatred of others

Values ​​and truth are separated, as if they were different worlds - from reality you can say what comes to mind and find a way, even if the Earth is flat, but from the values ​​there of anyone who dares to raise a question . There was a time when we said that this was fundamentalism and we fought it.

Bernard-Henri Lévy, Covid and our anxieties

At the end of the summer and long vacations, the service of working parents and the beginning of the school year resumed, we feel that the anguishing shadow of the anomalous daily life of the last half year and the uncertainty about the very near future return.
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