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Nazaré da Costa Cabral: “There is great uncertainty regarding the performance of the economy in 2021”

The president of the Council of Public Finance, Nazaré da Costa Cabral, says that the situation of the Portuguese economy is "complex", being dependent on the evolution of the pandemic and the ability to recover from the international "bad image" to win over tourists again.

PremiumLeft Bloc questions New Bank on Eurobic

Blockers ask the Ministry of Finance about the operation and its impact.

'Lay-off' and Resumption Support: know the most favorable choice

Simplified lay-offs will tend to be more advantageous for most companies with breakages in revenues of up to 75%, says an expert, who, however, warns that it will depend on the specific framework of each company.

Pandemic increases state balance by 602 million euros in January

The evolution results from the combined effect of a 9,5% contraction in revenue and a 0,5% growth in expenditure, reflecting the impact of the third wave of the pandemic. Tax revenue fell 13,2% in the first month of the year, while Social Security spending increased 5,6%.

Fall in economic activity stabilizes at around 3%

In the third week of February, economic activity registered a year-on-year decline similar to that observed in the previous week, according to Banco de Portugal.

Philip Lane stresses that the ECB is “closely monitoring” the rise in yields

The ECB's chief economist guarantees that the institution is ready to use “flexibility” to avoid tightening financing conditions, which is incompatible with combating the impact of the pandemic on the projected inflation path.
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