Arénio Rego, Professor at Católica Porto Business School

Does capitalism need clothes?

Showing social sensitivity, without adopting concrete corrective actions, is “beautiful” but it does not solve a serious human problem, swelled by the pandemic: the indignity of the life of those who have to support themselves with minimalist salaries.

Respect and its dangers

What we need is courageous leaders to listen to criticism and disagreement, and leaders with the profile of seasoned radicals.

We don't just need good leaders, we also need good followers

A good follower is brave to row against the tide when necessary, distrusts easy consensus and expresses honest opinions even if they conflict with those of the majority or those of the leader.

Apologies for many

Excuses in the business, sporting, media, social and political world are often a 'mea culpa' designed to repair damage, restore confidence, or turn away from questionable actions.