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PremiumFear of the pandemic may cause “electoral catastrophe” in presidential elections

Only once more than half of the electorate has chosen the head of state since 2000. It is feared that the pandemic will lead to an abstention record.

PremiumVitorino Silva: “If Marcelo has 70% Costa, he will be the first to fall”

Candidate known as "Tino de Rans" says that the head of state "rocked" the government out of interest and promises to have "loose people" in the State Council.

Rui Rio with negative test to Covid-19

Despite the negative test, the Social Democratic leader will remain in prophylactic isolation.

“Dispersion of votes can lead to the second round”, believes João Ferreira

The presidential candidate supported by the PCP argues that the dispersion of votes may be a reason for a second round of the presidential elections to be held on January 24.

Moderna vaccines have arrived in Portugal

Moderna's vaccine was approved by the European Medicines Agency and Portugal is expected to receive 227 doses by the end of March.
Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa em videoconferência no debate presidencial

Marcelo did not need to leave home to dominate the presidential debate

Current head of state participated by videoconference in the debate with Ana Gomes, André Ventura, João Ferreira, Marisa Matias, Tiago Mayan Gonçalves and Vitorino Silva. "Both wanted a President more aligned to the right or to the left", he defended, in the face of criticisms of his mandate, stressing that the crises of the last years advised "a President who was not a faction".
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