Diogo Horta Osório, Member of the Board of Directors of the EIP group

The AC / DC miracles

I fear that with the end of the moratoriums, the excess of non-performing loans, banking in great difficulty, the lack of legislative and fiscal planning to support the recovery of the economy, companies and families, the disaster will be even greater.

Portugal built on sand

More than 19% of Portugal's GDP comes from tourism and related activities. Portugal should therefore have been prepared to be the first country in Europe to be immunized, offering a “covid free” tourist destination!

Christmas present and bean

The wage revision in some sectors is the last straw that will make insolvency overflow. And the increase in the minimum wage in the civil service will only generate a greater need for tax collection.

'It's the logistics, stupid!'

It is important to reduce the bureaucracy and inoculate anyone, regardless of their priority, who presented themselves in an inoculation site, because the priority ones would have a specific plan for that purpose.

From the lost bottom

The government would have invested the millions that now, belatedly, promise to support companies, albeit in debt, in a robust health plan to withstand the second wave until January 2021, when the vaccine will allow the economy to reopen.

Plan, plan and plan

To prevent circulation is to prevent consumption. Immediately it was necessary to replace the simplified lay-off and to revoke this legal abortion of the Support for the Progressive Resume of Companies.
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