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Cape Verde wants to take advantage of creating technological hub in the Middle Atlantic

The “EllaLink” cable meets the highest characteristics of the subsea telecommunications industry and consists of four fiber pairs, noting that in this first phase, the interconnected countries are Portugal (Funchal), Cape Verde (Portinho beach) and Brazil (Fortaleza ).

Aircraft of Cabo Verde Airlines “will soon be in Sal”

"It is not the problem of leaving Cape Verde, it is the entry into other countries, particularly those in Europe, which have very high contagion cases and create restrictions on travel," said the head of the Cape Verdean government.

Cape Verde's public debt grew 14% in the third quarter of 2020 14,3%

The value now stands at 12.053,3 million escudos.

Cape Verde: XNUMX tourism workers expected to receive vaccine in the first phase

Olavo Correia, also holder of the Finance portfolio, made these statements during a meeting with local businessmen, from different areas of activity, micro, medium and small companies, in one of the hotels in the tourist city of Santa Maria.

Cape Verde appoints managers of the Sovereign Private Investment Guarantee Fund

The board of directors is composed of three specialists from the financial sector, with Adalgisa Barbosa Vaz as the chairman.

Cape Verde will have e-invoice from 2021

The National Director of Revenue of the Cape Verdean State says that taxpayers will now have less tax obligations, since the tax authorities will now have all the relevant information to pay taxes.
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