Filipe Garcia, IMF Economist - Financial Market Information

Military in management

The Brazilian president's decision to appoint a general in the reserve to head Petrobras, sparked a wave of sales in the oil company's shares and in most Brazilian assets.

Interest rates warn governments

Yield curves are sloping across most geographies. It is a warning sign for the difficulties that may arise in the post-pandemic.

Tesla Crypto

If the fifth largest company in the S&P 500 and one of the richest men in the world invest in bitcoin, the matter becomes a mandatory discussion.


What were those people doing too close together, without care or caution? Who in their right mind could suddenly embrace a stranger or hand over a cigarette?

The economy of the second wave

The pandemic's "winter surge" is causing a second stress-test and banks are concerned about the solvency of companies.

Miracles and long term

The Portuguese no longer all feel the same and are suspicious of their leaders. More. The country showed its poverty, as well as its social, political and institutional limitations.
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