Gabriel Leite Mota, Economist, PhD in Economy of Happiness

On social networks as in life

It is often said that whoever lives by the sword, dies by the sword. Trump, a monster who lived through social networks, is good to die through them.

Francisco's Economy of Happiness and the path of transformation

In the case of economists, it is very easy to understand when they are lying: 1. when they start to predict the future; 2. when they say they do not, nor do they get into politics.

Populism is to say that Portugal is socialism

The imbecility to call socialism to social democracy has a real objective: to create fears and ghosts in people's minds to convince them to reject social democracy.

From the left, against all dictatorships!

Democracy failures are combated with more, not less democracy. For that, we need a strong, but scrutinized and transparent state, and competitive, non-rentist, non-monopoly capitalism.

Communism did not yet exist, fascism and Nazism did

PCP and Bloco are on the humanist side of politics. Enough, no. This is the big frontier. This is the great wall that we must not drop.

Drain 'cheat' speech

After four years of Trump, the United States has become less influential in the world, less respected, more violent and divided internally. The world needs the discourse of lies and insult to come out of power.
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