Hugo Bragança Monteiro, Director of Communication and Marketing at Whitestar Asset Solutions

Give back to lead

More and more companies are recognizing the importance of their employees. They assume that “our success is the success of our employees”. And they do it through measures, not beautiful words.

“Soul”, a (gross) casting error

Diversity, inclusion and respect for the heterogeneity and wealth of the world should already be trivial issues now that we have entered 2021. Unfortunately, we continue to discuss and bring them to the table in our companies.

Mission (apparently) impossible

2020 brought many challenges and learning. It is from them that we must evolve in the new year, not forgetting what happened and how, in adversity, we knew how to overcome the various stages ... Many times without complaining.

The social life cycle of companies

Fortunately, business leaders have long realized that without symbiosis there are no companies. Without corporate social responsibility, there are no transparent and serious companies.

Sometimes doing nothing is the most difficult

Did you ever think that the decision not to comment was thought out, strategically, properly considered and with a certain purpose? To encourage public discussion, for example, or for another reason.

And Christmas how is it?

In the middle of the whirlwind, the mission can be simpler. It is enough for lovers of Christmas shopping to change, like companies, their strategy.
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