Joana almeida

PremiumLegislative production advances to 'dropper' with confinement

The worsening of the pandemic forced the Parliament to reduce plenaries to one per week and to reschedule initiatives. Renewal of the state of emergency, health and support have dominated limited agenda.

PremiumNational companies will have to make a greater effort to recover from the crisis

Speakers from the Observatory on “Economic Recovery after Covid-19” foresee a difficult recovery for Portugal due to the scant support and decapitalization of companies. But there are opportunities.

Autárquicas: CDS-PP says Carlos Moedas is “a strong name” to deal with “center-right coalition” in Lisbon

The president of the CDS-PP, Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos, believes that the former European commissioner is “capable of freeing Lisboners from socialism and offering the city a change for the future”, preventing a further victory for the PS in this year's elections.

EU Presidency. Costa wants debate on the future of budget rules at the end of the semester

The prime minister is convinced that the non-application of the rules of financial discipline will be prolonged until 2022, but he argues that this discussion should be held "together with the conference on the future of Europe".

PremiumGovernment resists general pressure to suspect

Prime Minister considers that discussing the lack of definition at this stage is "untimely", but guarantees that the Government is preparing next steps.

Carlos Moedas: the ex-European commissioner who wants to 'take' Lisbon from Fernando Medina

He got into politics late, but he got to the government quickly. Son of a staunch communist, he made a career in finance and investment. He stood out for coordinating the liaison structure with the 'troika', but it was the position of European commissioner that gave him even more notoriety. Carlos Moedas is the choice of the PSD / CDS to run for the Chamber of Lisbon in this year's local councils.
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