João Abel de Freitas, Economist

The world on its way to Asia Pacific

The main engine of this movement is called the People's Republic of China, a country whose economic evolution is taking place today at a speed two and a half times faster than the average recorded between 2015 and 2019.

China in the world

The Western model of first power by confrontation is of dubious success in the future and harmful to everyone. Why not start building a new model, that of sharing and cooperation, understanding that sharing is not compromise.

Confined minds

The European Union must begin to build its own path, a path that is equidistant between the two great powers: China and the USA. And the agreement now concluded with China could be a new step.

2020 and the future

The liberal narrative of the “minimal state” has in no way contributed to the solution of the problems and the role of the state deserves a new reconfiguration, in order to delimit its real field of action in the recovery of the Portuguese economy.

About 5G

We are facing a real oligopoly, which crushes the market with a dominance of the three operators close to 100%, which thus brings together all the conditions of pressure on the Regulator and the Government.

Will we be in Central Block?

One thing is the policy of influence and concerted action, quite another is the intrusion and publicity of everything to reap the dividends and the appropriation of the good part, as the President has done.
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