João Tereso Casimiro

Engie Portugal integrates centralized technical management area for Honeywell buildings

With this operation, Engie says that it will reinforce the “integrated offer of solutions for our customers, with services that have a high technological component, and we have the opportunity to strengthen our presence in market segments that we consider relevant”.

Portuguese football will centralize the sale of television rights

The Portuguese championship intends to follow the steps previously taken by other European competitions. This system has helped to multiply the value of television rights, making this source of revenue a fundamental pillar for many clubs in the Premier League, which in many cases represents more than 80% of ordinary revenue.

Israel and UAE lead global vaccination against Covid-19

Israel continues with restrictive measures, such as the prohibition of meetings that transcend the close family, the closure of shopping centers, schools and daycare centers, the catering industry can only operate in take-away and only five people can be gathered in places closed and ten in open spaces.

Google completes $ 2,1 billion acquisition of Fitbit

The companies obtained approval from the European Union's antitrust body in December 2021, after Google accepted the restrictions on how it will use customers' health data.

FC Barcelona player interested in buying Italian league television rights

Serie A started the process of selling television rights for the 2021/22, 2022/23 and 2023/24 seasons, with the intention of exceeding one billion in revenue per season. The organization is also planning to create its own television channel, the “Lega” channel.

Technology professionals reveal optimism about new job opportunities in 2021

Most of these technicians are motivated by challenging and interesting projects, excellent remuneration and benefits, and flexible work. As for the preferred work styles for these professionals, the top 3 would be the possibility of flexible hours, better use of technologies, apps and tools, and 100% remote work.
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