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IATA aggravates forecasts for commercial aviation in 2021

Aviation activity in 2021 will be worse than expected in December 2020, with IATA anticipating that by the end of the year, traffic in the sector should fluctuate between 33% and 38% of what it recorded in 2019, aggravating the “cash burn ”of airlines for a worrying figure that should range between 61,5 billion euros and 77,9 billion euros.

1.886 TAP crew members voted 'yes'. Emergency agreement approved in SNPVAC

The overwhelming majority of TAP's crew members represented by the National Civil Aviation Flight Personnel Union voted in favor of the “Emergency Agreement”, turning the page on a negotiation process that has been long for the workers of the TAP Group, but that has safeguarded some labor benefits .

TAP. SPAC pilots accept "emergency agreement"

With a massive participation of 96,8% of the members of the Civil Aviation Pilots Union (SPAC), the “Yes” was voted “Yes” to the “emergency agreement” established with the TAP administration, with a majority of 617 votes. The substitute regime is removed for the pilots, who see their salary cut by 50% above the guarantee amount of 1.330 euros per month.

Jerónimo Martins Group invests in Morocco to increase deep-sea aquaculture

Pedro Soares dos Santos' group bought 66,68% of Mediterranean Aquafarm in Morocco, to produce in this country, on the high seas, sea bass, bream and croaker in new units that have the advantage of being close to Portugal, which facilitates speed supply of the national market, guaranteeing fresh fish.

Petrogal workers' commission accuses Galp of “sustaining distribution of dividends in debt and in the sale of assets”

Accusing Galp's management of “economic insanity”, CCT says that Galp's management “sustains the distribution of dividends for the years 2019 and 2020 in debt and on the sale of Galp Gás Natural Distribuição's assets, a path that has been proven lead to the destruction of the company and be contrary to national interests ”.

Corticeira Amorim's profit decreased 4,8% to 64,3 million euros and sales fell 5,2% in 2020

Corticeira Amorim posted a net result of 64,3 million euros in 2020, with sales of 740,1 million euros, according to data released this Wednesday, February 24, by the Securities Market Commission.
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