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Government-approved centralization of television television rights

Government approved centralization of television rights for football. The objective is to "value" professional competitions and achieve a "more equitable" distribution of revenues. Rights commercialization model has to be worked on by the League and the FPF and approved by the Competition Authority.

Total revenue from the 5G auction already exceeds 320 million euros

Adding the result of the first phase of the auction, reserved only for new entrants, to the numbers of the main bidding phase, in which Meo, NOS, Vodafone and Dense Air may participate (the regulator was not considered a new entrant), the State has already secured another 83 million more than expected.

PSI 20 accompanies Europa in the red. Breakdown of more than 3% of BCP pressures national stock market

Among the main European markets, the German DAX decreases 1,44%, the British FTSE 100 loses 0,71%, the French CAC 40 falls 1,01% and the Spanish IBEX35 falls 1,04%. Portuguese stock exchange loses more than 1,60%.

CTT proposes commission to the Government to adjust terms of the universal postal service to the current pandemic context

The Post Office on Thursday proposed to the Government the creation of a negotiation commission to review the terms of the current concession contract, which ended in December but was extended until the end of 2021 due to the pandemic. CTT argue that a pandemic prevents compliance with contractual obligations in the current context.

Update according to the ChinesePCPC stimulates Mota-Engil negotiations on PSI 20

The Portuguese construction company is experiencing strong demand, after updating the agreement with the ACPC.

EDP ​​Group earnings boost PSI 20. National market follows Europe on the rise

Among the main European markets, the German DAX gains 0,22%, the British FTSE 100 advances 0,35%, the French CAC 40 grows 0,41% and the Spanish IBEX 35 adds 0,85%.
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