Leonardo Ralha
Pedro Nuno Santos

Pedro Nuno Santos says that “it is not with aggressiveness” that the PS will recover the parties on its left

Minister of Equipment ended a cycle of formation of Socialist Youth with an intervention in which he accused members of the PS of “being imprisoned in 1975”, considering the PCP and the Left Bloc “fundamental to the construction of a more just society”.

Rui Rio says that spending on the Portuguese presidency "shames" and "takes away credibility"

Social-Democratic leader reacted to news from the “Politico” about spending more than eight million euros, including contracts signed with newly created companies and 35 euros in wine. And he recalled the controversial statements by former Eurogroup president Jeroen Dijsselbloem about the countries of southern Europe.

PremiumPRR more for State than for companies dominates concerns

Majority of the members of the Christian Association of Entrepreneurs and Managers accept deflection only after Easter, but they criticize support made available.

PSD wants to change the horizontal property to facilitate administration of condominiums

Social-Democratic initiative envisages amending the Civil Code to facilitate the amendment of the constituent titles of the condominiums, in which the permylation of each fraction and the purpose for each of the fractions of the property is defined.

PremiumNew parties threaten to halt Rio plans

Voting in Ventura and Mayan exceeded the margin of election of 23 mayors of the PSD. Chega and IL try to assert themselves in the premiere in municipalities.
Diogo Pacheco de Amorim com André Ventura

Chega vice-president calls PSD-CDS alliance “political centipede” in Lisbon

Diogo Pacheco de Amorim criticizes Rui Rio's “nebulous strategic labyrinth” and calls the coalition Carlos Moedas is preparing for the municipal elections in which PSD and CDS intend to join forces such as the RIR, MPT, PPM or PURP in the “coalition of the Pelintocratic Alliance”. lists with which they seek to defeat Fernando Medina.
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