Patrícia Calca, Politologist, ISCTE-IUL

Elites and Guardians

The gatekeepers in Portugal are not those who “keep Democracy”, in the manner of American theories, but those who keep themselves from other groups, with less powers. Those who use it.

"Alentejo da my soul"

The intensive type production brings with it a lot of problems, some of which we already know today, others that only the future will reveal. Local and regional authorities seem to be unable to combat this reality. And I ask why.

Democracy: uses and contradictions

The upsurge of democratically elected anti-democratic movements via political parties and similar movements that we have been witnessing, raises fears associated with still recent experiences.

Science is for everyone

When we finally get rid of this squeeze we are in, we must not forget that science and its advances are for everyone but done by only a few.

Decisions in times of uncertainty

The fight against this pandemic has to be, and it seems to be, a multidisciplinary decision-making process. In a process that, after and before, requires leadership.

I also have to talk about the coronavirus

This is not the time to make excuses. This is the time to fulfill our citizen duty to defend ourselves and others.
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