Raul de Almeida, Politologist

The refusal of chaos

Only the concrete perspective of an idea of ​​achievable normality can rescue us from the normalization of the unthinkable, from contemporization with the aberrations that have been affirmed. It is worth thinking about it.

Vade retro 2020!

What is impressive in 2020 is the almost complete subjugation of this time to a pandemic. If we ask ourselves which are the best and worst events of 2020, we will surely tell Covid-19 and the discovery of the vaccine for Covid-19.

Fundamentals of convinced support

In the face of four candidates who, in different ways, assert themselves by the division, Marcelo's re-election represents exactly the opposite. More than ever, the country needs stability and unity.

Our frightening dryness

The dryness of structured thinking about Portugal and Portugal is absolutely frightening. The way we repel the culture and intellectuality of public space, devaluing, condemning and condemning us.

The Azorean case

Would it make sense for the PSD to dispense with the exercise of power and the prerogative of parliamentary support agreements, to allow the PS to do exactly the same to the left?

Europe at war

If we want to continue to welcome people from all cultures, we will have to explain very clearly that our respect for different cultures can never pass through the subordination of ours.
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