Shrikesh Laxmidas
Associate Director

Guilt will die unmarried

If the message was sometimes difficult to get across, it was because it was often the wrong message, of half measures born out of fear of political and economic damage. Hearing an apology from the government may be asking too much.

Farfetch reaches US $ 1,7 billion in sales in 2020 and positive adjusted EBITDA in the 4th quarter

Losses of $ 3,3 billion, which compares with the negative 373 million of the previous year, reflect the non-monetary impact of convertible bonds.

EDP ​​has 40 million to invest in green hydrogen by 2025

Miguel Stilwell de Andrade revealed today that EDP is analyzing 20 green hydrogen projects.

EDP ​​aims to increase balance sheet value by reducing the pace of asset rotation

“We will continue to rotate assets, but not with the same percentages. We were doing 50/50 and now we are going to run only a third ”, said Miguel Stilwell d'Andrade, in the presentation of the 2021-2025 strategic plan.

EDP ​​assumes that tax on energy sector will end by 2025

The company predicts the end of the CESE rate by 2025 as the tariff debt of the electricity system recedes. The fee charged to EDP, Galp and REN is in its eighth consecutive year of life.

EDP. Wind energy continues to lead, but 47% of new projects will be solar energy

Wind energy accounts for 51% of new projects, with solar weighing in at 47% of the total. Europe will receive most of the investment in onshore wind energy, while North America will receive the largest share in terms of solar energy.
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