Sofia Afonso Ferreira, Founder of Democracia21

New year, old blows

Despite the guarantees that the plan to increase parishes would not advance before the municipal elections, ten months before the elections, the Government approves the draft law with amendments to the parish reform regime.

Tailored processes

Ten months before the municipal elections, it is essential that the decision on the Selminho case be scrutinized until the last consequences, under penalty of being seen as a sinister political move instead of a judicial decision.

Hydrogen, necessity or illusion?

Looking at other, more robust economies in developed countries that are more committed to the decarbonization process than Portugal, it is interesting to note that none has given hydrogen so much prominence.

40 years of a myth

Sá Carneiro put the country ahead of his party and everything. He had a vision of the policy of dedication to public service and not that of using politics.

A government that does not serve the country

Civil requisition will be another savage measure to overcome bad management where it would be enough to plan and protocol with private health services.

Does a budget that does not serve the left nor the right serve the country?

Once again, no change in the levels of the IRS is enshrined in OE2021, an incomprehensible decision. Only withholding tax will be lower, but this will not mean tax relief.
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