Sónia de Sá, Professor, University of Beira Interior

Defeating a bliss in five acts

Defeating the far right in these elections must be an imperative and the central purpose of all those who believe in democracy, freedom and equity.

The mistaken Black Friday: why do we forget the suffragette movement?

If it is necessary to continue to remember that the struggle for women's rights, and the entire struggle for human rights, must continue? Yes. And it is not with the 'Black Friday' of shopping malls or online shopping.

The pandemic of disaffection

What can stimulate us in a scenario of social distance? Will we be the generation that will end with hugs, kisses, laughter and repeated touches on the other's shoulder while we talk excitedly? I don't know, but we started to have strong indications of that possibility.

Open letter to students of the 'brave new world'

We cannot let the pandemic infect one of the most important things in the teaching profession - building relationships. The teacher-student relationship is built in presence, with empathy and mutual respect, even when arguments are made.

Women in the media comment: a vow of silence?

In combating gender imbalance in the various contexts of Portuguese society, news organizations and their spaces for comment and analysis can and should play a pivotal role.