Vera de Melo Gouveia, Educational Sciences

A second improvisation ten months later

Education has been distance learning since February 8th. Of the promised computers, many have not yet left the table, and the Internet social tariff will be implemented as soon as possible, that is, it is not known when.

Chronicle of a vacancy announced

With more than a hundred deaths in successive days, the situation became dramatic and the irresponsible People who visited relatives, exchanged gifts and affections and… became infected were confined again.

Being a teacher today is not easy

In a society in which economic, social and human development is increasingly based on knowledge, the country's progress increasingly depends on Education and the future of Education depends on the existence of good teachers.

The crab, or the Azorean version of contraption

They don't want to know each other, but they promise to understand each other if Chega moderates and PSD gets radicalized. Both bet on modifying the other in a marriage of convenience in which they cohabit, but they are not family.

The Distance School distances us from the School

Learning should not be conceptualized as a response to stimuli, nor as a mere processing of passive information absorption, but rather an active process that is critically appropriate by the student.

Whenever possible and… preferably

Climate change is not right-wing or left-wing and sustainability is not a primer, it is a necessity. But, in my view, so is tolerance and respect for others.
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