Lisbon stock exchange closes in green in line with Europe. Carrefour falls almost 7%

Lisbon closes high with the rise of Galp and paper bins. In Europe, the highlight is the fall in Carrefour's shares (-6,92%) after the Canadian company Couche-Tard abandoned the attempt to acquire the French retail giant, following the French government's opposition to the deal due to concerns with food security.

The PSI-20 closed the session on Monday with a rise of 0,42% to 5.059,34 points, in line with most European markets. Leading the climbs was Galp (+ 1,12% to 9,05 euros); Altri, which advanced + 1,69% to 5,12 euros; Corticeira Amorim closed an increase of + 1,62% to 11,28 euros; the Ramada, which increased + 2,84% to 4,70 euros; Semapa, which rose + 1,25% to 8,89 euros; and Navigator, which gained + 1,28% for 2,53 euros.

On the negative side, Jerónimo Martins stood out, which fell -1,08% to 14,66 euros. But BCP also decreased 0,46% to 0,1294 euros, and Sonae decreased -0,55% to 0,7185 euros.

In Europe, the highlight is the fall in Carrefour's shares (-6,92%) after the Canadian company Couche-Tard abandoned the attempt to acquire the French retail giant, following the French government saying it was opposed to the deal due to concerns over food security.

"European stock exchanges reverse the sentiment and close at a slight high, on the day that US stock exchanges are not transacted due to a holiday in the USA", highlights the Millennium BCP analyst, Ramiro Loureiro.

“In the corporate context, the highlight was the appreciation of Fiat, which negotiated for the first time with the STLA ticker after the merger with Grupo PSA, boosting the Auto sector. Thyssenkrupp reacted positively to notes that the company is considering an IPO of the steel unit. On the negative side, Carrefour was the title that fell the most in Stoxx600, after abandoning the negotiations with Couche-Tard ”, reads in Millennium BCP's market analysis.

Also noteworthy is the news that the Italian Banca Monte dei Paschi predicts losses in 2021.

The EuroStoxx 50 closed at 0,09% to 3.602,67 points. The Paris stock index, the CAC, appreciated 0,10% to 5.617,27 points. DAX, in turn, gained 0,44% to 13.848,35 points; the FTSE MIB closed up 0,53% to 22.489,9 points and the IBEX increased 0,29% to 8.254,5 points.

On negative ground, Footsie in London closed down 0,22% to 6.720,6 points. The Greek, Dutch and Irish stock markets also closed down.

The UK has said it will step up its mass vaccination program this week as the country closes its borders to anyone who has not tested negative.

On the macroeconomic level, it was revealed that the Chinese economy will have grown by 2,6% in the 4th quarter of 2020, slightly below expectations, highlights the Mtrader analyst.

In Europe, the data comes from the OECD and is about employment. In the third quarter of 3, the employment rate for all OECD countries increased by 2020 pp to 1,9% compared to the previous quarter. In the Eurozone, the employment rate increased 66,7 pp to 0,5% and in Portugal it increased 66,8 pp to 0,5%. Comparing with the third quarter of the previous year, the employment rate decreased by 68,4 pp in the Eurozone and 3 pp in Portugal, the data were worked on by the Strategy and Studies Office (GEE).

In the 3nd quarter of 2020, the OECD youth employment rate (15-24 years old) increased 2,7 pp, to 38,2%. In Portugal, the youth employment rate is 21,6% (22,3% in Q2 2020).

In other markets, Brent futures in London fall 0,40% to $ 54,88.

The euro fell 0,07% to $ 1,2073.

In the public debt market, bunds German interest rates rise 1,52 basis points to -0,53%. The 10-year Portuguese debt, on the other hand, left negative ground and is rising 1,73 basis points to 0,02%. Spain, in turn, also sees interest rates increase 1,98 points to 0,08% and Italy has the yields 0,63% due to an increase of 1,98 basis points in interest.

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