Brussels approved funding of 60 million for the Mondego Mobility System

This project to operate a 'metrobus' with electric batteries on the old Lousã railway branch has a total eligible investment in the amount of more than 89 million euros. The tenders for the latest contracts are expected to be launched this year.

Cristina Bernardo

The European Commission approved today, the 15th of January, the 'Great Project of the Mondego Mobility System', having decided to finance it with 60 million euros from the Cohesion Fund.

“The European Commission approved the Community financial contribution under POSEUR (Operational Program Sustainability and Efficiency in the Use of Resources) for the 'Grande Project Mobility System of the Mondego (SMM)', reveals a note from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Housing ( MIH).

According to the note, "this approval corresponds to the granting of support from the Cohesion Fund in the amount of 60 million euros and a total eligible investment in the amount of more than 89 million euros".

“The 'Mondego Mobility System' consists of the implementation of a Metrobus, using battery powered electric vehicles, which will operate on the old railway branch of Lousã and in the urban area of ​​Coimbra, connecting Serpins, Lousã and Miranda do Corvo to Coimbra, constituting as the future mobility system in the region, with high levels of safety, speed and comfort ”, ensures the statement from the ministry led by Pedro Nuno Santos.

According to the MIH, the SMM's main objectives are “to promote sustainable mobility, through the implementation of an attractive and competitive mobility service, operated by electric buses, leading to modal shift to a more energy efficient mode of transport and with smaller emissions ”.

“Reinforce the intermodality of the transport system in the Coimbra region, creating conditions for physical, ticketing and tariff integration; and promoting the connection of the municipalities of Lousã and Miranda do Corvo to the urban center of Coimbra without overflow, with conditions of security and reliability, reinforcing the economic and social integration of the territory ”, are other objectives intended as SMM.

The Ministry of Infrastructures adds that “of the four contracts that make up the SMM project, the work on the section between Serpins, in Lousã, and Alto de S. João, in Coimbra, is underway and the tender for the contract for the Alto section is taking place. de S. João / Portagem ”.

“The tenders for the contracts for the remaining sections (Portagem / Coimbra B and Linha do Hospital) will be launched during 2021”, guarantees the same statement.

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