Funchal City Council approves one million euro exemptions for the local economy

Exemptions were approved in the rates of occupation of public space and advertising, in areas such as commerce, bars and restaurants. Hospitality, local accommodation and services will be exempt from flat rates for water and waste charges. Taxi professionals will be exempt from license renewals and advertising fees. Exemptions in fees linked to urban planning were also announced.

The Funchal City Council has granted exemptions to various sectors of economic activity, totaling one million euros, announced Miguel Gouveia, Mayor of Funchal, after this Thursday's Chamber meeting. These measures were unanimously approved by the city council.

In the first semester, the Funchal municipality will grant exemption from fees for occupying public space, benefiting areas such as commerce, bars and restaurants.

The advertising fees for these activities, as well as the 'Funchal on Wheels' sales project, will also benefit from this exemption.

There will still be exemptions for the duration of the State of Emergency, with regard to fixed tariffs for water and waste rates, for customers in the areas of hospitality, local accommodation, and services.

Taxi professionals will be exempt from license renewals and advertising fees in the first half.

Exemptions in fees linked to urban planning were also announced in order to “put projects on the ground faster”, said the Mayor of Funchal.

The mayor said that these measures are intended to support Funchal's local economy, and show a proactive attitude on the part of the municipality, when more restrictive measures are expected to be announced in order to contain contagion by covid-19.

Miguel Gouveia said that these measures are also intended to “give some serenity to Funchal's local business fabric”.

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Captaincy of Funchal cancels warnings of bad weather for Madeira sea

Although the adverse maritime conditions are no longer recorded, the captaincy “recommends the owners or owners of the vessels to take the necessary precautions in ensuring their respective seaworthiness conditions”.

Funchal invests 380 thousand euros in water and basic sanitation in Bairro dos Moinhos

About 1600 meters of drinking water pipeline networks and about 1400 meters of basic sanitation networks will be replaced. In addition, there will be a new stormwater network infrastructure, a new fire fighting network, with the installation of 9 high-speed fire frames and two fire hydrants.

Madeira wants to be included in the Banco de Fomento by the end of the month

The vice-president of the Madeiran executive considered that “if there is community aid for the establishment of a development bank to serve at the national level, it makes no sense that the regions are not represented there”.