Poor people, they don't know any more!

An intelligent posture will be to collect and filter information and, on the other hand, to start by sinning in excess of precautions, in order to be gradually liberated, depending on the conclusions reached.

This reached an unspeakable point.

The evolution in the official discourse that “the pandemic - at the time epidemic - would not arrive here”, until today when “the virus attacks at certain times of the day, or rests with us when we are seated at the dining table, to to get up and attack later ”, from a profoundly demagogic speech we are victims, nowadays. Poor contraption that doesn't know anymore.

After a journey full of mishaps, the news arrives that "new beds will be created for intensive care and more fans". Both fallacious measures, since there will be no professionals who manage both, without leaving the jobs that they will abandon for the purpose and this if this were even possible.

And so, you die of Covid-19 and a thousand and one more pathologies, because there are no means or professionals that come to one or the other. Were it not for the municipalities to get hold of this and we would frankly be worse.

What is true is that Portugal has not prepared itself. And if the first wave arrived at the end of the flu period, the second one arrives at the beginning of it, with the harshness of winter lurking, already with tired health professionals and with a national health system bursting at the seams. But the government insists on throwing sand in our eyes.

How to survive this spiral of disinformation? And how, on the other hand, to attack fear and anxiety at the base, filtering out what serves us and discarding what is false, inconclusive or which is only in the service of manipulation? It is not simple. Nothing simple, in fact!

How to maintain discernment, while we see colleagues and family members limping, or even those who once inspired us, to take positions that reflect the ignorance of what is really happening?

And what is going on after all, or what is this article even for?

Basically, and this time, I write to appeal to reflection, given the context we now live in and the conditions observed, which serve the perfect storm. It takes more than ever to stay calm, use your head, take a deep breath.

An intelligent posture will be to collect and filter information and, on the other hand, to start by sinning in excess of precautions, in order to be gradually liberated, depending on the conclusions reached. But always with rigor and respect for others and the natural observance of the law.

Mens sana in corpore sane - in sane body. Healthy thoughts, healthy eating. Conscious and informed vitamin supplementation. Hours of sleep as needed, body maintenance exercises and eventual spiritual discipline, such as yoga or meditation.

At the same time that our modus vivendi undergoes profound changes and the feeling of community changes, it is important to turn inward and rescue our deep interior, but without becoming selfish islands where the feeling of mutual help does not prosper.

I am sure that the civilization we have built will not be the same again. The experience in society ditto. The notion of time and space, ibidem. But there are several levels of observation and countless angles, through which our lens can dive and analyze.

The pandemic will be one in Africa, the other in Europe. Seen in one way by an elderly person, in a very different way by a child. Faced in a way by those who have a lavish standard of living and in another, quite different, on the side of those in need. Those who are guided only by television daily will have an opinion of the facts and those who do not, will certainly have a different reading. And I could go on… What about you?

The author writes according to the old spelling.


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